Sunroof wind deflector

The sunroof deflectors are similar to front end deflectors or bug shields, they redirect the wind up and over. They push the air up and over the sunroof opening, reducing the noise and turbulence produced by wind. Yet, you still have the advantage of letting the hot air outside through the opening from the roof.

Nowadays, you can find sunroof deflectors that fit most vehicles. They are easy to be installed, and there is no need to cut or drill. They are made from cast acrylics or chromed metal. They accommodate pop-up and slide open styles and they have gasket seals for roof edges protection and for preventing leaks.

There are many styles of sunroof wind deflectors, such as dark tinted smoke color, camouflage or chrome. There are also various patterns of Camo deflectors.

The deflectors are 1-2 inches wider than the sunroof. They cut off the wind and they give a stylish look to your car. In case your car came with a sunroof, you don’t have to worry about finding one that fits. However, if you need a sunroof, you have to do some research to be able to find the right deflector that fits the car. Universal sunroof deflectors can be found at most of aftermarket suppliers.

Thus, in case you like having a sunroof open you should get a sunroof deflector in order to have a great experience all the way around.

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