The features of ATX technologies car tracking device

The car tracking device is considered to be an independent gadget, just like phones that have this feature due to the mobile phone. ATX technologies car device can be installed on a mobile phone, so you don’t need to have 2 devices at hand. This gadget was made in 1997 and it has a small size that allows the installation to a mobile.
It employs the AT&T services, the network provider, which gives wide network for vehicles tracking. Using the AT&T services does not imply a phone fee, so the price on a monthly basis is reduced.

ATX Technologies car tracking device was brought about by ATX Technologies together with Standard Communications. Standard Communications is located in San Lose and it produces solutions for wireless communication. They are the ones that embedded the device on mobile phones. The consumers are offered remarkable affordable prices compared to other manufacturers of tracking device with the AT&T help that provides the wireless services.

In case the owner has to use this device, he will call the OnGuard Response Center and the LS unit will be activated. The moment the vehicle is tracked down by the response center, the policy will be notified. After filling in the police department procedures, the OnGuard Response Center can deactivate the ignition of the car from a remote control. In this way, the car will be stationary until the police find it. This type of gadget is one of the most popular and helpful for your car’s safety.

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