A bigger audio system doesn't necessarily mean better sound

Always make a plan when you decide to buy new car speakers, because a big system is not always better.

Don’t buy speakers with unnecessary features. Take in mind the brand of the speakers, because despite the bigger price, if you want great performance it will worth the effort, and surely provide the best sound.

Both component speakers and full range speakers have advantages and disadvantages.  The full range speaker usually has a woofer, a tweeter and perhaps a mid-range or a super tweeter.  For having less work to do when replacing factory speakers choose the full range speakers. They can be found on the market in any size, for each one’s preference.

On the other hand the design of the component speakers provides sound quality like no other.  It includes a tweeter, an external crossover and separate woofers. They all work together, and if you have all the components needed you can choose big car speakers for your system.

If you are competitive with your system, you definitely need a component speaker. It will provide more depth and more realistic sound, and also permits adding big speakers. The materials are of a higher quality than on the full range speakers resulting in more elaborated sound and grater dynamics.

So this takes us back to our question. Is a big system or a small system better? Well the conclusion is that the type of system you want is more important than the size of it for having the best sound!

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