Car stereo system - installing steps

Tools needed:

* Pick tools

* Electrical tape

* A screw driver

* Drop light

* Crimpers

*Panel tools

* Wire cutters

* Drop cloths

* Wire ties

First don’t forget to dismount the former system.  To prevent any damage remove the battery. Now to take down the old system, look on the car manual, or call the manufacturer, anyway you need to dismount the speakers that came from factory.

Now unscrew what’s sustaining the old speakers using the flat head screwdriver. Install the other speakers by pulling the wires from the cigar lightning.

Connect the cigar lighter to the wire and after ignite the car and choose the wire from under the dash.

Test the ignition source with a light tester. Now identify the cable coming from the stereo and cover the head with black electric tape in such way it will not get in contact with the metal surface.

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