Choose the stereo system that fits your car

Because most cars have average pre-fabricated audio systems, most drivers choose to buy a new one. So we will give you some advice about how to choose your system.

Think about the size of your car before mounting a new system.

On a small car a big system could be unnecessary, so take this into consideration.

So, normally a small car is equipped with 4 speakers and a CD player.  This usually means low quality sound. To enhance the performance, install a CD player that gives 50 Watts per channel. This will ensure great performance.

Now, on a big car, normally equipped with 6 speakers, it is usually sufficient to change the 4 of them.  Now think about getting a sub-woofer because this will certainly bump the car when playing music. Usually, place it in the trunk, and also buy an amplifier to run it.

Now, because there are a lot of systems on the market, you have to choose what fits your preferences best.

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