Install a car audio system

Before installing a new audio system you have to know where to start.  A normal system with medium performance, for day to day usage, but note very powerful is available for almost every budget. But if you are the competitive type, and like strong bass and heavy music, then be sure to make a bigger investment.

Afterwards, think at the space in your car, and how you will place the system parts, and distribute power. Next, there’s a list of components for the basic system.

First, the head unit that obviously has to be a user-friendly one, that will make you comfortable playing with. Some qualities to look after:

– Dual RCA outputs

– XM/Sirius control

– Cd charger control

– Detachable face and theft preventive features

– Pause button

– High voltage line drive- this will help the amplifier to reduce noise and deliver a better quality sound

Next there are the amplifier and the subwoofer. Choose your preferences according to the power you want and the music you listen to and also make sure the subwoofer works with the amplifier.

Now think about the distribution of the system inside your car. You don’t want it to occupy the entire space. Also make sure the pieces will fit when you buy them, because sizes and forms vary from piece to piece. Now it is very important to enclose the subwoofer, so you can choose the pre-fabricated enclosure to minimize the expenses. Also make sure to make the measurements in your car.

You may also need other components if you want a more competitive system, like an alternator, hq RCA cables, ground cables, power cables, speaker cable. There are lots of other parts that can enhance the performance:  a capacitor, a crossover, an equalizer, an amplifier for tweeters and others.

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