Installation steps for car speakers

Depending of the vehicle, you will have some problems when installing a car stereo, but usually this procedure is a simple one and it takes only one hour. The places where speakers are installed are the doors, the rear deck and the dash.

Now to prevent damage and extra costs, make sure you follow the installation steps correctly.

Take notice that the method are approximately the same, considering the place where you install the speakers.

First, check if your car has removable speaker grills, when you want to install  speakers in the dash or door.  Now, remove the grill, locate the screws holding the old speaker and remove them along with the harness connected to it. Now put the new speaker inside and connect it like the old one was. Now put it in connection with the car and reinstall the grille. Do the same thing with the rest of the speakers. Be careful that the window won’t interfere with the new speakers if installed in the door.

There is the possibility the grills can’t be removed. In this case remove the dash pads or door panel and do the same as above. In the end just put back the pad or panel.

Now,  when you install rear deck speakers you take into consideration if they are installed in the top or bottom.  To install them in the top, take the grilles of, and connect the new speakers in the old ones place replacing the harness and the screws. Do the same for all speakers.

To install them in the bottom just open the trunk and install them just like in the steps above. Finally you just have to check if they work.

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