IPod and iPhone adapters for car

Of course no radio music is better than your own music collection. It’s quite irritating when you want to listen to your favorite music on your iPod, but you cannot because you are stuck with your radio in the car. There are some people who put the ear buds in order to listen to the iPod while driving.
This is quite ridiculous. The best solution for this issue is an FM transmitter for the iPod, called iPod adaptor for cars.
There are many models of iPod FM transmitters, so when purchasing one, make sure you are choosing the one that has the features that you need. Find bellow 2 of the most popular iPod car adaptors.

About the Griffin iTrip DualConnect for iPhone & iPod touch adaptor

This type of iPod car adaptor allows 2 different way to listen to your iPod/iPhone: wireless or wired. This is an important issue, because there are time when the wireless connection is not as strong as normal, decreasing the music quality produced by the stereo. Therefore, in such cases the auxiliary cable is the best solution, as it allows the iPod to connect directly to the stereo, producing flawless sound.
Moreover, the iTrip DualConnect doesn’t allow your battery to die, as it charges the iPhone/iPod while being in use. Its charger has buttons from which the user can control the music without controlling the iPod/iPhone. It’s price is around $60.

About the Griffin DirectDeck and In-Line Remote adaptor

There are still many people that drive cars equipped with a tape deck. Griffin DirectDeck and In-Line Remote is a device used for listening to the iPod through the car stereo through the tape deck. It has an in-line remote from where the userĀ  can control the music without touching the iPhone/iPod. It’s price is around $30.

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