Know how to enclose your sub-woofer

Enclosing your sub-woofer is the perfect thing to do to increase the bass power of your system and it’s not even very expensive. Anyway, choosing one can turn out to be more difficult than thought, especially because there are so many types of enclosures that make the job become harder.

To protect and increase sound quality, try to buy a sub with enclosure already, if not, it’s not a problem to find one.

Just choose from a ported, tube, bandpass or sealed type.

It is said that each enclosure gives a different sound, so think if you want a very booming bass or not. If not, choose the sealed enclosure, because it gives a very accurate bass sound for many kinds of music.

Perfect for louder music is the bandpass subwoofer. This is for reggae and hip-hop lovers. The ported enclosure seems to be the one most varied, because it sounds good for any music type. For a limited power system, get a ported subwoofer because it plays loud music too.

And in the end, we only have the tube cover. This choice compliments the other and helps you if you can’t decide which one of the above to choose.

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