Know how to recognize a bad audio system

Always know what you buy! Always check the pieces you buy and make sure them worth the money. Be careful for scams and companies that steal your money on old pieces or bad ones.

Knowing if a head unit is worthy means it has many RCA outputs, a CD tray, and plugs for additional mp3 player.

If any of this is missing, additional cost will be required, for pieces like an RCA converter.

An amplifier is bad when its voltage is low, or there is actually only one installed. Choose for 2 or more. Also make sure to check if the volume of the amplifier can be turned all the way up without distorting the sound.

The speakers should be installed correctly and the sound should be perfect. Good systems contain tweeters, mid-range drivers and subwoofers. Missing all this, means it’s a bad system. The subwoofer, tweeter and mid-range deal with low, high and of course medium frequency sounds. Not having them means low quality sound.

Know that the technology develops rapidly every year. This means the system should be easily upgraded and should have many plugs of put in devices.

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