Know what head unit to buy for your car audio system

Here is some useful information that will help you choose from the big variety of head units on the market.

First, you need to choose the one that is the most comfortable to play with. Take a careful look at it, play with it, press the buttons, and see which one fits your preference better.

It is very important to enjoy listening to your music.

Be careful at the fact that manufacturers usually overstate the power of the speakers. Make sure it is measured in RMS. Terms like “peak power” and “music power” don’t mean anything.

Choose a head unit with pre-amp output if you really want clean sound. Make sure the crossover and amplifier can handle the voltage, and know that 4 volts are better for less noise.

To ensure the safety of your head unit make sure it has theft protection. There are fully detachable and partially detachable faces, so make your decision based on your preferences.

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