Know what new stereo speakers to buy

Because there are lots and lots of speakers in stores, here is some information that will help you know what speakers to buy.

Be careful at the fact that manufacturers usually overstate the power of the speakers. Make sure it is measured in RMS.

Terms like “peak power” and “music power” don’t mean anything.

A car amplifier is recommended when it comes to speaker’s sensitivity. More sensitivity means less power required. If you use your head unit to power the speakers then you definitely need more sensitive speakers, because of the low amount of power it supplies.

Now, check the space you have inside the care. Make sure the speakers will fit, and that you won’t have to do extra cuts inside. Also it is recommended that the tweeter gives the sound towards you.

The last thing to consider is enclosing the subwoofer. Choose the method you like from the following ones. Use your trunk as enclosure, use a ported box or a two-chambered box, or choose the sealed enclosure that will make the bass bump right inside your car. It’s up to you to make your decision based on the research you make.


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