Saving money on car audio in spite of the rises of VAT

The 20% rise of VAT was a great blow for plenty car owners, because of the big hit of extra money on fuel and electric products. Yet, the rise of VAT doesn’t have to be such a bad impact. You have to be smart about your investments.

Check the deals
Even if you cannot entirely avoid the VAT rises, search the deals related to car audio, like sales and discounts. You can get some money off with promotions vouchers that you can find in e-newsletters. Before buying an audio system, always compare prices.

Look for retailers that haven’t raised the prices yet
Look for retailers that haven’t raised the prices yet in conjunction with the VAT situation. There are some retailers that spur off the prices for fear they might not have any customers. There are some large companies that for a couple of months will not  hike up the prices. In this way, you can purchase what you need at an affordable price.
Check the current VAT for each company and the policy related to price rising.

Be energy efficient
You can also save money on fuel by installing an energy efficient car audio system. Yes, there are some car audio systems that use a lot of energy. Of course, wasting energy means more money spent pointless. Therefore, it’s advisable to purchase a car audio system that uses less energy and that is a high quality. You can lower the fuel costs by purchasing energy efficient CD/MP3 players, sub-woofers and speakers. An amplifier will also ensure that there are no power surges, as it uses the power that is needed for each component.

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