Setting up a car stereo head unit

Installing a car stereo head unit can be quite difficult. For instance, roadsters don’t have an extra place where the stereo equipment could be installed. Find bellow some tips for setting up a car stereo head device.

Check the dash and see if there are any cables, cross members or supports which stand in the way. Open the outlet in the dash and remove all the things you don’t need in order to place the new stereo device or LCD monitor.

Use a masking tape to protect the area that you are opening. Pay attention to the location of the airbag construction. Mark a rough contour of the cut that you are going to create.

Begin cutting the dash with a razor blade. As you proceed, you might need a short saw. Use a razor knife for smoothing and straightening up the sides so that the opening won’t be too large.
The cabling should not twist or crimp. Secure the installation and after you make the needed connections, install the car stereo device. Make sure the cable connections are properly done, tighten up the loose mounting bolts.

Once you clean the dash and batten the frame, you will be able to use the new system.

A piece of advice
Always check the product review of the unit before purchasing a double din car stereo. You can find such information via the internet.

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