What's the point of the car audio equalizer?

The hearing sense of a human is limited. One cannot hear sounds that some animals can. Sounds like the dog whistle.

All this is because the frequency of these sounds is not in the limits of the human ear. So this is what the audio equalizer does: it can detect these types of sounds.

The car audio equalizer detects sound of high and low frequencies. These are the sounds the human ear can’t hear. Each is made by a device moving fast (for high frequency sounds) and slow (for low frequency sounds).

This is how the equalizer works. The electrical signals are passing through the preamplifier to the equalizer. Then the signals circulate within the processing unit so that the frequencies of the signals are balanced. Then the signals go back into the preamplifier to reach the amplifier at the end.

The amplifier then gives power to the balanced signals and they make the speakers vibrate. The vibration transforms into sound. And therefore because of the equalizer that has adjusted the signals, the human ear is able to hear this sounds in the car.

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