Why car audio capacitors are a necessity

There are some reasons a capacitor is definitely what you need: if you have a high powered system, if it requires power bursts or if your amplifier loses power.

The capacitor stores electrical energy, but does not produce it. Installing a capacitor will increase the performance of your amplifier, delivering power exactly when it is needed.

Because the car has many items consuming energy, like the lights and air conditioner, a capacitor is required to supply the extra power to play heavy music especially music with strong bass.

One common problem that happens when the amplifier doesn’t receive enough power is the changing lights. They tend to follow the music, especially dim at a strong bass. Turning the lights off would remediate the problem.

The electrical system can’t provide enough power for the amplifier therefore a capacitor would store the energy and release it when needed.

As a conclusion, if you want to forget about voltage drops, headlight dimming and enlarge the power of the amplifier choose the stiffening capacitor, it will provide the system all the power needed.

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