Why to upgrade to a DAB car radio?

DAB means digital audio broadcasting and it is an upgrade of FM/AM radio. Find bellow the advantages of having a DAB.

One advantage of the dab car radio is the fact that they are already available, meaning that the moment you buy them, you can get it fitted anytime you want, because there are plenty of dab radio stations that are already broadcasting digital radio signals.

The difference between the DAB radio and analogue is the fact that with the analogue radios, you can get fuzzy or cracking sound. The DAB radios don’t present such problem.

Moreover, you can receive more stations in one place, DAB can puck up 40 stations at one time while driving around. In case you don’t want to upgrade to DAB, you can purchase a solution like the pure highway in car dab, which can receive a digital signal. It emits a small proximity FM frequency signal that picks up by the existing FM radio.

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