Car audio electronic components

If you want to modify your car, you have to understand the electronic components of a vehicle audio. Knowing the way the components work, you will be able to install whatever you want, without causing troubles to the overall equipment. Find bellow the basic electronic components of a car audio.

About resistors
A resistor acts as a protector from dangers resulted from the power flow. It resists the flow of electricity.

About relay
The relay is a switch that protects the unit from any damage issued by the circuit. These components are needed for control purposes.

About the fuse
The fuse is used for protection, between the main power of the car and the amplifiers. There are different ranges and levels of fuses, thus, when you have to change the fuse, make sure you get the proper type in order to avoid  problems. If a fuse blows, then you have to check the car’s electronic components.

About capacitors
Capacitors store an electrical charge inside its body. There are 2 kinds of capacitors: non polar and polar. Car audio usually need non polar capacitors.

About diode
Diodes separate the current flow from each other, it’s basically the passage for the current that moves towards on direction.

The above mentioned components are the most often seen. Every driver should be familiar with these components because they are connected to the safety while using the car.

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