Car capacitor

If you are a car enthusiast you are probably asking yourself if you need a car capacitor. Firstly, you must know what kind of vehicle system you own. There are some vehicles that cannot handle high energy systems, so you have to know how your current electrical system is designed.

The capacitor of type Tsunami HCAP-5 is an addition considered to be reasonable for a system, as not all batteries of the vehicles can handle audio system with high capacity. There will be power fluctuation when the headlights dim while peak usage or while there is a large-mouth bass drum striking.

Tsunami HCAP-5 capacitor amasses power for the electric usage of the car. It supplies extra energy that is needed for powering the amplifier to produce the desired sound.

One Farad is recommended for every 500 w of amp power. The Tsunami HCAP-5 is a capacitor that is 5.0 Farad high-powered hybrid that has a digital volt meter. It can provide 5,000 watts RMS, which is more than enough for powering the car amp.

Tsunami HCAP-5 can be found in aluminum outer shell with highlights form stainless plastic. The terminal contacts are hidden by a hinge. The electronic LCD volt meter is blue and the red-colored LED’s has high or low voltage. The working current is 20 volt or 24 volt rise. The terminals have 1/10 gauge nickel plated, terminal blocks of higher current and 4 gauge reducers. The capacitor has a positive input and a negative input, a pair of positive outputs and 2 negative outputs.

To conclude, you have to check how much power your car audio system needs. In case it needs a lot of power, then probably it will starve the additional electric gadgets, resulting to a low power. In case the audio system is a sophisticated one and you need some additional power, then it’s recommended to buy the Tsunami HCAP-5 capacitor.

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