Novero Talky One - the minimalist hands free speaker

Leave the annoying Bluetooth headset and take the Novero Talky One, the hands-free speaker phone that can easily be clipped onto the sun visor of your car or dashboard. With Novero Talky One you can communicate without fuss.

This type of Bluetooth hands-free speaker phone is compatible with many types of phones, it is compact and it has 3.

3 ounces. It has an advanced audio distribution profile and a phone-book access profile offering you a high quality sound. It contains the latest noise and echo reduction technology, giving you the ability to hear clearly and without echoes. The Talky One has 15 hours of talk time and can operate to a 33 feet range.

Novero Talky One is considered to be the most stylish hands-free set. It has a minimalist look and a modern wire mesh border design with a large button on the middle. Because it has only one button for control, you can easily use it while driving, being able to focus on the road. You can press the button in the center, left or right.

This car audio gadget can be used to answer the phone, to make a call, to enter the phone-book or as a stereo for an i Phone. It has a function that switches the device 10 minutes after unhooking the phones, in this way saving the energy.

Novero Talky One looks great, it’s easy to be used and it incorporates the latest technology.

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