Setting up the steering wheel control

Usually the cars have steering wheel control for the original CD Radio player in the market. Yet, how can we set up the steering wheel control after replacing the car DVD player? Of course there will be some differences, according to the type of the car and to the type of the DVD player, but the setting method is quite the same.

  • Install the DVD player to the car and then turn on the DVD GPS and access the steering wheel control setting menu.
    You need to do 2 things at the same time. One – press the buttons in the car and hold.
  • Two – press the icon with the same function in the setting menu and hold it until the item turns res.
  • Release the icon and the buttons the moment the color of the icon becomes red or says that the setting is fine. Follow the same steps for different buttons and icons. Then you can store them and close the menu.
  • There are some types of DVD GPS that need to be turned off, and others that work directly. You need to try to control the volume and other functions using the steering wheel control in your car.
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