Technology and functions of cars navigation systems

When choosing a GPS system, take into consideration the following features: top view for the map, top view for the map with the map rotating with the automobile, bird’s eye view for the map or the next curve, linear gauge for distance, which is redundant if a rotating map is used, numbers for distance, schematic pictogram, voice prompts, text to speech, real time traffic updates, connection to internet, blue-tooth.

Check if the road database is a vector map , where the street names and numbers are encoded as geographic coordinates in order for you to be able to find the needed destination by street address. The formats of the maps are quite uniformly proprietary.

Some GPS navigation devices have LCD screens that can be used for displaying television broadcasts ar DVD movies. There are some navigation systems that integrate with mobile phones so that you can talk hands free.
The navigation systems for cars can also incorporate personal information management and you can combine traffic and public transport information.

More navigation systems
The navigation devices cannot only be used for cars, as GPS systems have more functions.
Golf carts can have integrated rangefinders according to certain golf courses, having interactive course maps and readings that measure the distance to the green.
There are some systems that have internet connectivity, via blue-tooth to a mobile, or via a built in GSM SIM card. You can use such connectivity for finding traffic information that is up to date, or fuel prices or for searching distances.

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