Understand the car door lock mechanism

To keep you car secure, you can use more than the door locks. But you need to know how the lock works to understand what to do when some damage arises and what extra safety measures are needed.

  1. Most of the drivers are only aware of the inside button that operates the lock manually or automatically.
    The link to the actuator that you can see is the lever or latch, and it controls the door lock. Besides, there is a lever that is connected to the system and allows you to open the door after unlocking it.
  2. Under the panel that houses the locks there is a lot going on, the latch you see that goes up and down when you lock or unlock the car is linked to a metal rod making it connect with the main body of the mechanism. You can find additional pieces to the mechanism like an electronic sensor or magnets with reversible switch that control the automatic opening of the locks, using the remote.
  3. The locks are operated wither with the key or by pulling the latch, or in some cases with the remote control. When you want to unlock the car, the visible latch is in pulled position, allowing the door to open freely. When you want it locked, the lever is pushed and the door closed.
  4. Operating the locking mechanism affects the outside handle on the door. When the doors are locked, the handle Is disconnected from the system preventing the door from opening, until you unlock them again.
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