About farmville vehicles

The main task in farmville is the ritual of plow-seed-harvest. This is a time-consuming and tedious activity. Yet, there are certain tools that can make these heavy tasks easier and faster.

With farmville vehicles, the farming work can be speed up 4 times faster because they can work 4 plots at a time, a 2×2 area instead of 1 plot at a time. In this way you will save a lot of time and effort, and you will be able to take care of the animals and other tasks that you have to do in the farm.
There are 3 types of vehicles that can be used in farmville: the tractor, the seeder and the harvester.

About the tractor
The tractor is used for plowing the land. It can be found in 2 colors: red and pink. It costs 5,000 coins and in case you plan to sell it you will be able to get about 250 coins. When you purchase it you get 50 XP.
The bad thing about the tractor is that it needs fuel. Thus, always check if you have enough fuel to use the tractor. Next, you have to chose your tractor, the plow option and begin plowing the land in a 2×2 area. Next comes the seeding.

About the seeder
You can seed in a 2×2 area with a seeder. The price of a seeder is 30,000 coins and at its purchase you receive 300 XP points. You simply have to select the option corresponding to the plant needs, the type of seeds and then click the areas that you are going to plant.

About the harvester
The harvester is used for collecting the crops. It costs 30,000 coins and you receive 300 XP points at its purchase. In case you want to sell it, you will get about 1,500 coins. It’s simply to be used, you have to select the harvester and the the crops that you want to harvest.

Keep in mind the fact that each equipment needs a lot of  fuel and consumes 1 fuel per plot. Thus, for a 2×2 area, the machine consumes 4 fuel for each activity.

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