Tools for farming

Farming is quite a difficult work to perform as it needs constant diligence, hard work and coordination. You cannot have sick days or paid vacations. However, farming developed a lot over the years.
Due to the high tech machines, farming is now much more easier compared to 50 years ago. All you need are the several main tools that you can find bellow.

The pickup truck is the most important tool, as farmers permanently haul supplies and tools. Thus, the pickup can be used for hauling sod, animal feed or building supplies. The tractor is also one of the most important tools in farming.

Tractors are versatile and have many functions and they can be fitted with tools that can be utilized to bale hay, set fence posts, mow lawn or push  snow. The livestock trailer is an important tool for livestock farms. The livestock truck can be used  not only for transporting animals, but also for hauling hay or supplies.

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