Calculating the efficiency of your car fuel

The efficiency of your car’s fuel indicates the health of the engine.

What to use: small notebook, pen, calculator.

  • Change the oil and tune up your car in order to be able to measure a benchmark.
    Next, fill up the tank fuel. Put down in your notebook the date, odometer reading, gallons and cost. These records represent the best condition of the car.
  • Drive the car as you usually do until the tankĀ  empties. Fill it again and write down the same information as in the previous step. Mention if you had more highway driving or city driving.
  • To find out the mpg, subtract the 2 readings of odometer and divide the result to the no. of gallons.
  • Keep track of the fuel efficiency in time and the moment you see a mpg drop you should change the oil and tune up the engine.
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