Changing a car fuel pump

The fuel pump supplies your vehicle with fuel, thus it is a very important component. If the fuel pump has problems, then your car may stop dead. Bellow you can find some directions how to verify and change the fuel pump.

What to use: fuel pump, open end and line wrenches, socket set, screwdrivers, fire extinguisher, jack stands.

  • See where the fuel pump is located. Newer vehicles have the pump placed in the fuel tank, while older cars have it near the engine or the frame rail that links the engine and the fuel tank.
  • Locate the fuses/relay of the fuel pump and the fuel box, then let the fuel pressure come out. Leave the car running and remove the fuse in order to disengage the engine, thus the fuel line will no longer be pressurized while the fittings are split.
  • Remove the negative battery cable. Use the jack stands to hoist the car and search the fuel pump beneath the car. It should be located either in the gas tank or in front of the tank. Remove the fuel pump from the car. There is a pump in-tanked that can be reached from the rear seat, from the access panel or from the trunk’s carpet.
  • On top of the pump you will see the single fuel line of the in-tank pump. Disconnect it. For the pumps that are located under-pump, both line-in and line-out must be disconnected. Make sure you release all hose clamps, the fittings and the fuel line. Collect the leaking gasoline in order not to produce a fire hazard.
  • Be careful when disengaging the connections so that you will know how to put it back. Take the fuel pump out. Wipe all debris and grime with a clean cloth. Pay attention not to leave any gasket material or dust inside the gas tank.
  • Make sure that the new fuel pump is installed in the same manner the previous one was. Use the line wrench and coppers washers to secure the fittings.
  • Reinstall the items back. Put the vehicle down and reconnect the battery cable. Start the engine to check if the pump works accordingly.
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