Directions for converting a car into a car running on vegetable oil

There are 3 types of fuel that the diesel engines can use: petroleum diesel, bio-diesel, and straight vegetable oil – SVO. All diesel engines can work on bio-diesel, a fuel obtained from domestic, renewable plant sources, like vegetables oils, peanuts oil, soy beans oil, canola/grape/hemp seeds oil.


  • You can convert any diesel engine to run on vegetable oil if its fuel system does not have rubber seals.
    Vegetable can damage the rubber seals because it has a solvent characteristic.
  • Mount the conversion kit for vegetable oil fuel. Leave the original gas tank in order to use it during cold weather. Mount a different fuel tank for vegetable oil. The conversion kit contains hoses connected from the radiator to the vegetable oil tank.
  • Acquire the vegetable oil. You can get oil from restaurants for free. The color of the oil should be amber. In case the waste oil that you receive has too many particles, filter it before using it.
  • Use 0.5 microns thick filter bags to filter the oil. Start the car using the regular gas tank and after the vegetable oil and the engine are warm, switch to vegetable oil tank.
  • 10 minutes before stopping your engine switch back to the regular fuel tank in order for the vegetable oil not to purge from the fuel line and injectors.
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