Fixing a fuel line in a car

The frame rail causes rubbing damage which leads to fuel lines leaks. Leaks may appear also if  the fuel line fittings are not installed properly. When you have fuel line leaks you need to change the line.

What to use: safety glasses, drip plans, open end box end wrench, new fuel line, fittings, screw driver.

  • Put drip pans under leaking fuel and under connections. If you have a low car, then you need a hydraulic jack to raise the vehicle so that you can get underneath it.
  • Take the open end box end wrench and loosen the connections from the fuel line and disconnect it.
  • Loosen the mounting clamps that hold the fuel line with a screw driver. Inspect the fuel line for rubbing damage.
  • Inspect the fittings for any stretched or damaged threads and replace them. Don’t over-tighten the fittings because the threads may stretch and the seal will not be good.
  • Buy a new fuel line.
  • Install the new fuel line properly so that it fits to the clamps. Tighten the fuel line fittings using the open end box end wrench. Don’t over-tighten.
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