Fuel tank - instructions for uninstalling it

A lot of time and money can be saved if you know how to replace the fuel pump by yourself. Two people are needed for this operation and it can be done quite quickly. Firstly you have to remove the fuel tank.


  • Use jack stands or an automotive lift to secure the car. Another jack will be needed to support the fuel tank during the removal of the straps. Mount the second jack under the fuel tank only after the car is properly secured.
  • The tank is kept in place by two straps, which are flushed against the car frame. On the same side, unfasten the straps, so that one side will remain secure.
  • Hold the tank securely form both sides. Two persons are needed for this operation. When the fuel tank is properly secured, remove the support beneath it and lower the tank. Once this is done you have full access to be able to replace the pump.
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