Indications how to select the proper fuel

You might be wondering how can you select the proper fuel for your car since there is a number of fuel grades, octanes and additives that canĀ  be found at the gas stations.


What to Use: the manual.

  • For most cars the regular unleaded’s 87 octane rating is the proper fuel.
    To find which is the proper one for your car, consult the owner’s manual.
  • If there is no suggestion that a certain grade should be used, get the regular unleaded fuel and stick with it.
  • Premium grades (high octane fuel) are usually required by motorcycles, luxury vehicles or high performance ones. Consult the manual for more information.
  • Cars that have smaller engine also require high octane fuel, as the high compression generates more horsepower. The predetonation may occur if high octane fuel is not used, leading to the destruction of the pistons.
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