Means to clear the fuel injectors

Many engine problems may be caused by the simple fact the fuel injectors are not clean. A worse performance of your car or dirty emissions are reasons to clean the fuel injectors. You can clear them in the car, or you can remove them and clean them outside the car.
Usually, it’s sufficient to clean them while they are in the car.


What to Use: cleaning kit for fuel injector.

  • Turn off the engine, open the engine compartment and find the fuel injectors. Consult the user manual in case you encounter difficulties in finding them.
  • You have to check if the fuel is pumped into the engine while being started. To do this, install a tubing connecting the fuel inlet to the fuel outlet or remove the fuel pump and stopping the fuel return.
  • Turn on the engine after hooking up a pressurized solvent to the injectors.
  • The solvent has to be ran through the running engine.
  • Turn off the engine and move aside the cleaning supplies.
  • Put back the fuel lines and the fuel pump, start the engine again. In case there is no improvement, repeat the above steps. If the result is still not good even after repeating the process you have to take the injectors off the car and clean them.
  • To clean the injectors off the car implies a special equipment. Therefore, another good option would be to take your car to a mechanic. The service would cost you round $30 or $50 and in half an hour you’ll have it done.
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