Means to convert your vehicle to Flex Fuel

E85 fuel has up to 85 percent ethanol. Flex-fuel cars are made to run using the E85 fuel blend. A regular car cannot run on E85 due to the fact that ethanol has less energy than the traditional gasoline.
However, with some adjustments, your car can be brought pretty close to true flex-fuel status.


What to Use: converter for flex-fuel, spark plugs- high efficiency type, air filter, brand new fuel filter.

Adjustments for Fuel Injectors

  • Take off the fuel injector plugs.
  • Use a flex fuel converter. Insert the plugs into it.
  • Connect the converter to the fuel injector. For a fraction of a second the converter will leave the injectors opened, so that a bit more fuel will be delivered to the combustion chamber. This is how it compensates for the lower energy content of E85.

Other Adjustments

  • Install a high-flow air filter to your car. Unlike a regular air filter (that, for trapping particles and contaminants has the layer made of paper that blocks a great amount of air flow, reducing the efficiency when using E85), the high-flow air filter has the layers made of cotton gauze that allows a high air flow to the engine.
  • After a few weeks of using E85 change the fuel filter. The fuel filter retains the particles that are built-up from the engine, which after a few weeks are flushed out of the engine. However, leaving a dirty filter will influence the efficiency of the fuel causing hard starts.
  • When your vehicle has performance problems switch to spark plugs of high-efficiency type. The old spark plugs may cause low efficiency and incomplete fuel consumption because E85 burns cooler than gasoline.
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