Means to improve the fuel efficiency at an old car

Nowadays, it’s important to know how to improve the fuel efficiency for cars that aren’t hybrid or electric, if you need to lower the money spent on gas. A regular maintenance, the removal of extra weight and changing the way of driving can help you save money.

What to use: car gas.

  • It’s important to change the oil and air filter regularly and to have the tires inflatedĀ  properly. Check the user manual if maintenance includes tire rotation and balancing or belt changes. A maintained car will run properly.
  • Get rid of extra weight because it influences the miles per gallon (MPG) average. Thus, check your trunk and take out the items that you don’t need.
  • It’s important to accelerate and to brake gently in order for the gas not to be wasted. In this way the engine will not respond dramatically at the excessive use of the gas pedal.
  • Don’t leave the car idling for more than 30 seconds, as it takes less gas to start the car, then idling the engine.
  • It’s suggested to combine errands and trips and to have a planned schedule with the stops you need to make.
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