Means to install a fuel filter

The fuel filter needs to be changed every 30.000 or 50.000 miles for most cars.
The filter purpose is to keep the contaminants from the fuel to reach the carburetor. If your car hardly starts, or it doesn’t start at all, or if you notice that there is a loss of power, then you should consider changing the fuel filter.


What to use: fuel filter, gloves made of latex, car jack, jack stand, paper tissues, drip pan, 2 wrenches.

  • To be able to work on the fuel filter you have to raise the car using a jack, mount it bellow the chassis and place the car on it.
  • The fuel filter is small and has cylindrical shape. It is near the rear axle, installed to the fuel tubes. Once you see it, put a drain pain bellow it.
  • Take the gloves and with one wrench clamp the nut on the steam of the filter. With the other wrench clamp the collar on the tube. Uninstall the tube by spinning the collar counterclockwise. Let the fuel to drain into the pan. Uninstall the second tube following the same instructions.
  • While loosening the bolts of the filter bracket to the chassis, take out the filter.
  • Put the new filter into the filter bracket keeping the orientation of the old filter. Install the 2 tubes to the filter’s steam. Don’t forget to tighten the bolts back.
  • Next you have to flood the new filter with fuel from the pump, so start the ignition and turn on the car for five seconds. Then turn it off and repeat these steps several times. Make sure there aren’t any leaks. To finish, raise the car using the jack, then push the jack stand aside.
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