Means to pressurize the fuel system of a car

After changing the fuel pump or the fuel filter to your car, you have to re-pressurize the fuel system. In case you notice that the car does not start when releasing the schrader valve in the fuel line, you have to consider re-pressurizing the fuel system

What to Use: there are no specific tools to be used.

Means to Pressurize the Fuel System

  • Pressurize the fuel system before starting the car to save wear and tear.
    Cars may have between 32-60 pounds fuel pressure, according to the type of the car and the year it was manufactured. Before working on the filter, the pump or on the fuel lines, you might have de-pressurized the fuel-system. To complete a repair to your car, take care to have all nuts and bolts in the right place. Also make sure that these are tightened to the right torque specs. In case you have changed the fuel pump, check that it is positioned in the right place in the tank and that the wiring is properly hooked up.
  • For 2 seconds, turn on the key in order to hear if the fuel pump is buzzing. Then, if you hear the pump after it shuts down, turn the key off for 5 seconds. Follow these steps 3 times in order to pressurize the fuel system. Then, you can start the car.
  • The above operation will not help you if the car has a carburated system with a manual fuel pump. In case you have fuel in the carbĀ  bowl, leave the car running until the system is pressurized. If not, crank over the engine few times so that the fuel bowls are filled.
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