Means to start a car having a damaged fuel pump

It’s important to have your car fixed by a mechanic every time you notice there is a problem. As it may take a while until finding the right and not that expensive mechanic, please find bellow some tricks how you can fix your car by yourself in the following cases: starter defects, damaged fuel pump and the replacement of the ignition switch.


What Do You Need: patience and the vehicle.

  • Pump the gas several times, but not more than 4 times, as there is a risk to flood the engine.
  • Leave the engine off and the battery on by turning the key to the point when the dash lights are up. Do this for almost ten seconds, afterwords turn off the car.
  • Follow the previous instruction again.
  • In the end, start the engine and note that there is no hitch while listening to the engine turn over.
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