Methods to determine a vehicle's fuel economy

It is highly important to know how to determine your vehicle’s fuel economy. In case you notice that the economy is lower, you will know for sure that something is wrong. This operation is not difficult to be learned.
Follow the bellow steps in order to learn the way to determine the fuel economy.


  • To begin reading, fully fill the tank of gas. The first think to do before starting the car is to put down the odometer value. This technique is called the Full-to-Full technique.
  • When the tank is half empty, return to the same gas station and fully fill it again. Pay attention to the number of gallons needed to have the tank full.
  • To end the reading process, put down again the value on the odometer before starting the vehicle. The method to obtain the vehicle’s average fuel economy results from the following: the final reading minus the initial reading,then divide the result by the quantity of fuel that was filled the second time.
  • In order to properly estimate if you vehicle is in a good condition or not, it is indicated to do the calculation every now and then, especially before the seasons change, as this phenomenon influences the life of the vehicle.
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