Race car - means to fuel it

Even if fueling the car might seem to be a minor activity when talking about racing cars, be aware that this is the element of utmost importance to achieve victory on the track. You will find bellow some tips how to fuel your race car quickly and efficiently.


What to Use: canister especially designed for racing fuel, safety equipment, racing fuel.

  • Check which is the fuel cell dimension as this varies according to the type of the car and the size of the track. Usually, race cars have a fuel cell of 22-gallon.
  • Check if there are any defects that might influence the fuel flow while driving, such as paint chips.
  • Make sure that the fuel is properly inserted from the fuel cell to the racing motor.
  • Make sure that the fuel can has the capacity of the tank, this way the fuel cell will be full every time the car is on the race track.
  • In order not to have an overflow, make sure that the fuel can nozzle is inserted into the fuel cell at an angle of 60-degree. Thus, you will have a downhill flow.
  • In order not to have any spilling of the fuel on the racing surface, make sure you properly cap the fuel cell with a safety device.
  • To make sure that the car is working effectively, each time after you use it, check the fuel can and the nozzle. This is important for your safety.
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