Ways to free dirt from car fuel injection lines

Your vehicle and engine may fail to be efficient and may start producing dirtier emissions when the fuel injector lines are clogged. There are two ways to clean fuel injectors: in the vehicle or by removing it from the vehicle.


Items to Be Used: cleaning case for fuel injector

  • Find the fuel injectors, turn off the engine and remove the hood.
  • Make sure that the engine is not refueled when starting the vehicle. This can be done either by tubing the fuel inlet to the fuel outlet, or by stopping the fuel return.
  • Making use of the cleaning case, run a cleaning liquid under pressure in the fuel injector lines. Start the engine when the operation is done.
  • Repeat the previous step while the engine is running. When done, stop the engine and clean all stored materials. Make sure you link back all the parts that you have unlinked in the second step mentioned above.
  • Verify if the functionality of your engine is improved. Also verify any other items that may have been affected by the clogged fuel lines.
  • In case the problem continues to appear, take the fuel injector lines off the vehicle and use a proper gear to clean it.
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