A description of the tools needed for the bleeding process

The bleeding process involves replacing the old, contaminated brake fluid with new one. For this you may need different tools.


Box-end Wrench

You use this for the bleeder screw. A box-end wrench has narrow ends, fitting very well in small places. It has the purpose to enclose the bleeder screw while removing them, therefore protecting them.

2.Turkey baster

It is a tool that is used to suck fluid from the master cylinder

3.Clear plastic tubing

You use this to drain the fluid from the car and into a container. You need to place one end on the bleeder valve and the other in the container filled with fluid.

4.Brake fluid

You need to refill the reservoir with fresh, clean brake fluid. The quantity needed depends on how much of the old brake fluid you are replacing.

5.Rubber mallet

When you need to remove the air bubbles from the inside shell of the caliper you use a rubber mallet. You do this by tapping easily the outside of the caliper.

6.Anti-lock brake scanning tool

This tool is needed if there is an ABS system installed on the vehicle. The scan tool will tell you when to bleed each wheel after cycling the ABS solenoids.

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