A method how to bleed the brakes

What is meant by “bleeding the brakes” is cleaning the brake fluid of solid contaminants, water and trapped air. By performing this procedure you assure a good working braking system for a longer period.

Follow these steps:

  1. You must first put the car in first gear, or park.
    Then pull the parking brake. After you must only loosen the lug nuts of the rear wheels, so that you can remove them easily after lifting the car with a floor jack.
  2. Locate the bleeder bolt between the brake line and cylinder behind the rear brake or it may be located on the front or rear of the brake caliper.
  3. Eliminate any corrosion from the bolt’s threads by pouring some penetrating oil on it. Leave it a while to penetrate. Don’t try to force the bolt because it is very sensible. Also, by any mean, do not use heat when trying to loosen it.
  4. After loosening the bolt you have to keep the wrench on it. Mount tubing between the bolt nipple and a plastic container with brake fluid in it. Soak the end of the tube in the fluid.
  5. Lift the car’s hood and look near the rear of the engine compartment for the brake fluid reservoir. Siphon the old fluid and replace it with new clear brake fluid.
  6. Now, go back to the bleeder bolt and release the valve until you see fluid dropping through the tube. If you have an assistant ask him to start the engine and push the brake pedal while the old fluid gets out from the system and into the container. Now close the valve and pour again new brake fluid into the reservoir. Repeat the procedure until clear fluid comes out.
  7. Tighten the bolt with care. Put back the wheel and lower the car. Repeat the procedures to the other wheels. In the end don’t forget to fill the brake fluid reservoir at full.
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