Adjusting you rear brakes

When told that your brakes need to be adjusted it means you car has rear drum brakes that can be adjusted by you. Even though they are generally self-adjusting the brake shoes or drums still need a little adjustment if they are just installed.

Follow these steps:

  1. First try to solve the problem using the self-adjusting property.
    Engage the reverse gear and back up while braking every once in a while. If this isn’t working read the next steps
  2. Just loosen a little the lug nuts holding the tires and then place the car on jack stands using a floor jack. When the car is up take off the tires.
  3. Separate the brakes and drums. Identify the long, pen like, adjuster pin that has a little wheel on the center of it used to retract or extend the pin between the shoes. Activate the wheel so that the drum and the shoes fit properly but still be able to move the drum.
  4. Put back all you dismounted, the tires, the lug nuts and take the brakes to a test. If the result is negative you should consult a specialist.
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