Automatic brake adjusters - learn to adjust them

Even though the first impression is that the automatic system does the entire job, there is still a need for manually adjustment of the braking system. And he slack in the system must be eliminated with the adjustment of the emergency brake cable.

Follow these steps:

  1. Pull over the car and engage the emergency brake.
    Loosen the lug nuts holding the wheels but don’t remove them. Use a floor jack to lift the car and put it on jack stands. After the car is lifted start taking off the front wheels and put the aside. Disengage the brake
  2. Try to find a small slot on the front of the drum or back of the backing plate, if you can’t then adjust the star adjuster mechanism. After pulling the drum off, find a circular gear tooth on a small shaft. Now clean the star adjuster with carburetor cleaner and penetrating oil and wipe the remaining in the end.
  3. Rotate the adjusting star gear to expand outwards the shoes. Now start rotating the drum while the shoes touch it until you have sufficient drag on the drum and the adjustment is optimal. Install the drum
  4. If you identify an external slot outside of the drum then you can externally adjust the star. Repeat the cleaning process like for the internal adjustment. Take the shoes out off the drum and replace it. The slot should be in the top position after you rotate it. Spin the drum by hand periodically until you feel a drag. Adjust until you have a medium to heavy drag on the drum, and then replace it.
  5. Put back the wheels and tighten them. Get the car off the jack stands and on the ground. Make a drive test for the brakes. Check also the height of the brake pedal.
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