Automotive brakes - learn to loosen and bleed them

The most important thing for your car is maintenance. Between all the parts there are the brakes that need to be kept working perfectly. You do this by bleeding them.

This way you remove the air from the lines and the brake fluid contaminated with moisture too.

Follow these steps precisely:

  1. Use a floor jack and a safety stand to get the car off the ground a few inches. Take the tire down using a proper tool.
  2. With disk brakes you have to identify the caliper housing that sits on the router.
  3. Locate the bleeder screw with a cap on top of it. Remove the cap and notice the little nut and hole where the fluid goes in.
  4. Another person should get in the car and press the brakes.
  5. Let the fluid drain after loosening the bleeder screw. While the brakes are still pressed tighten the screw. This way air won’t get in the air lines.
  6. Do the same thing to the remaining wheels.
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