Bleed a vehicles brake lines

The braking systems work using hydraulic fluid that is activated with the pressing of the pedal, causing the brake shoes to press on the drums. In time the brake fluid gets contaminated or takes air, and because of this it is necessary to bleed the system.

Follow these steps:

  1. First get on the first gear and pull the parking brake.
    After that use a floor jack to raise the vehicle and place it on four jack stands.
  2. Look under the hood and find the master cylinder. Remove the cap and fill the cylinder until it is full.
  3. Get beneath the vehicle to the farthest wheel from the master cylinder. Open the bleeder valve with a corresponding wrench and tell your assistant to press the brake pedal a few times. After that tell him to hold it pressed. In this time, brake fluid drain through the bleeder valve and into a container you place under the wheel. Now close the valve.
  4. Now again the assistant should press the brake pedal and then hold it. Repeat this procedure until the stream of fluid is constant and without air bubbles. Again close firmly the bleeding valve. The same steps apply to the other rear wheel.
  5. You need to refill the master cylinder. See how much fluid is needed and pour it in.
  6. The next wheel is the right front wheel. You apply the same procedure to it and to the opposite one.
  7. In the end don’t forget to refill the master cylinder. Lower the car and remove the jack stands. Go for a ride and check the brakes.
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