Bleed front wheel brakes

You need to perform a bleeding procedure each time you replace a component in the braking system. Air will get into the system compromising it and reducing the braking efficiency.

Follow these steps:

  1. Locate the master cylinder under the hood and fill it to the top.
  2. You have to place a canister beneath the brake caliper to catch the fluid that will pour out.
  3. Use a ratchet and a six-sided socket to crack the bleeder screw. Be careful as it may be stuck because of rust.
  4. Once the valve is opened, fluid will start pouring. Leave it like that for a while until a steady flow occurs. Tight back the screw with a wrench.
  5. Place a tube on the bleeder’s nipple and inside a canister. Ask an assistant to push the brake pedal a few times and then hold it.
  6. With the pedal pressed to the ground, open the valve again and let the fluid pour through the tube and into the container. Close the screw. Repeat this procedure until the flow of fluid is clear and clean without any air bubbles. Don’t forget to keep the master cylinder filled with fluid.
  7. After you bled the brakes, refill the master cylinder to top level.
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