Bleeding process for bikes

You can now that it’s time to bleed the brake if the brake fluid gets dark. Avoid getting your system to fail, and perform brake fluid replacement immediately.

Follow these steps:

  1. Locate the bleeder valve.
    Remove its cap, and connect the plastic tubing to it. Meanwhile get a canister and fill it half way with fresh brake fluid. Put the other end of the tube inside the fluid in the canister.
  2. Start pumping the brake lever to empty the reservoir. Remove its cap. After it is empty, clean it with a rag or paper. Don’t forget to wipe any spilling with a rag also. Now, pour fresh fluid into the reservoir until you fill it. Push again the brake lever and see if liquid comes out.
  3. Now, eliminate the air from the system by pressing repeatedly on the brake lever and also tapping the junctions of the reservoir.
  4. Keep the brake lever pressed and in the same time open the bleeder valve. Now close the valve and release the lever. Do this four steps a few times until the reservoir is full of liquid.
  5. You stop when you feel the brakes are firm and steady. Close the valve and put back the diaphragm and cap. Clean the working area of brake fluid and other spills.
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