Car brake shoes replacement

Usually only large vehicles have brake shoes that are used for drum brakes on the rear wheels. It’s not as simple as changing the brake pads for disc brakes to change the brake shoes. There are other springs and objects you must disconnect.

  Don’t try to do it yourself if the process is different for your car, consult a mechanic.

Follow these steps:

  1. Loosen the jug nut first. Then use a jack stand to lift the car and remove the wheel.
  2. Then, try to remove the brake drum and if necessary remove the pressed metal washers that hold it with a cutting tool. Draw with chalk or washable paint the way between the drum and axle. Remove the drum after releasing the parking brake.
  3. Locate the four bolts that hold the hub and bearing assembly and remove them. You can skip this step if you want.
  4. Now use a brake cleaner spray to remove any residue from the assembly. Use a drain pan to catch what drips.
  5. Remove first the spring from the trailing shoe on the adjuster level and then the other springs, with pliers. Next the retractor spring of every shoe. From the trailing shoe start removing in this order the adjuster level, adjuster screw assembly and the leading shoe. Separate the parking brake lever and the trailing shoe.
  6. Using a high-temperature grease, lubricate the contact areas on the backing plate’s shoe and the threads and socket end on the adjuster screw assembly.
  7. Take the replacement trailing shoe and connect it to the parking brake lever then connect the retractor spring inside the shoe hole. Put back the adjuster screw assembly and the adjuster level.

8. After placing the new leading shoe on the backing plate it should engage with the                   adjuster screw assembly. Connect the trailing shoe and retractor spring and then                   with the adjuster level.


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