Changing you air brake’s slack adjuster

The brake pads move up and down because of the slack adjuster. Basically the slack adjuster makes the S-cam attached to the wheel hub assembly turn and in the end compress the brake pads to the brake drums. It is very important the slack adjuster works ok.

Follow these steps:

  1. Find a good space to park the vehicle and block the rear wheels with chocks.
  2. Push in the air brake handle inside the vehicle.
  3. You must eliminate the excess air from the air tank. Open its valve. Now the slack adjusters are free to move.
  4. Locate the slack adjuster under the rear of the car and loosen it by turning the head of the bolt counterclockwise.
  5. Disconnect the slack adjuster from the air brake chamber by removing the pin holding them.
  6. With a flat-head screwdriver remove the locking washer that holds the S-cam in the slack adjuster
  7. Tap with a rubber mallet the slack adjuster to remove it. Now replace the old slack with a new one and put it back on the S-cam rod.
  8. Now proceed with the same steps as above but reversed. Close the handle of the air tank in the end.
  9. Get a pressure of at least 120 psi on the brakes before pulling the air brake handle out.
  10. Pull out on the air brake handle and remove the chocks from the wheels to reset the brakes.
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